Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 2009

This month has alternately roared like a lion and roared like a tiger but there have been an unmitigated ammount of roraring with no hints of lambs trotting around. Not in the slightest.

When I last left you, O Best Beloved (to quote Kipling), I was about to leave for New Orleans. In case you weren't informed, I also returned from said city in one piece (though it was doubtful at times) and learned a great deal.

"Let me explain... no, no. There is too much. Let me sum up." -Inigo Montoya

New Orleans:

-On the drive down, we stayed at a church near the University of Alabama. That night, we took a long walk around the campus, playing frisbee, raiding their version of the HUB, and marveling at tulips. Growing. Right there. Amazing. I also climbed a tree!

-In New Orleans, we stayed at Celebration Church, an intense set up of bunk beds and hang out space and kitchen. Our days were filled with work in various local ministries. I was at the Kingsley House, a elderly day care center. These folks were incredible examples of deep and abiding faith. They have seen and suffered much. Their faith is strong and filled with joy. We thought we were to encourage them. Instead, we were blessed beyond measure.

-We had various free times that we spent in the down town area such as the French Quarter. This is a very strange, lovely, and disturbing section of life. It cannot decide what it wants and was unsettling for me to spend time in. However, I was with some amazing friends who helped me see beautiful moments.

-Speaking of friends... the fellowship was so encouraging. Much of the trip seemed to be up and down for me spiritually. Many days were struggles, and yet I wouldn't have traded those hard times since they were met with constant prayer and truth speaking from those around me. This deepened our friendship in ways that months on the same campus is unable to accomplish.

Other News:
- Things as an RA have been less intense but still very full. I haven't been able to spend much time with the other RAs between breaks and time with Navigators. My floor has been the quietest its been all year which I'm grateful for. Some wonderful conversations have been opening up with some of them. God has just offered encouragement for His work here. I'm standing here going "What? Really? I'm not responsible for this" and it is so exciting!

-Bible Study with the girls is amazing. Tonight, Sang and I led for the first time to start prepping for next year when we lead the study ourselves!

-The Play: Monday Leads to Murder. I got to see Grechen in a play which was awesome! She did such a great job!

-AND SUMMER 09. I was accepted to Ocean City Beach Project with The Coalition for Christian Outreach. I got this news yesterday! I will be living in Ocean City, NJ with 25 other college students from the North East regions and various staff members from CCO. There will also be teachers who will come and live with us for up to a week at a time. We will be trained in discipleship, leading, evangelism, and community. Please keep me and the rest of those apart of this in your prayers!


The Weekend (Otherwise known as "Daniel's Visit):

(Us tearing up the dance floor with our swing moves at the Navs Spring Formal)

-Daniel Stephens made an appearance in State College this past weekend over his spring break and made my month. There aren't exactly words to describe how good it is to see him. Somehow, we've been given three times to see each other in a space of three months. At Thanksgiving, I was sure I wouldn't see him until summer. Instead, we have these brief windows of time and each is lovely. I use that adjective too often but it somehow stands in a gap where words fail. Thankfulness and joy are the only two terms that come close to covering it. He continues to be one of the greatest surprises and gifts that God has brought into my life this school year. Never would I imagine the things He comes up with. It is true that all His gifts are perfect ones.

(The Lion Shrine)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Road Tripping to New Orleans

My blue rolling suit case is a marvel. I have had it since I was young; it was a gift from Uncle Allan. It consistently, just barely, holds whatever I need for whatever period of time. One weekend, one week, one day. I cannot pack less than to the brim for each time. And each time, I have just enough to last me.

This coming week, I am heading to New Orleans with Penn State Navigators for some service projects. I will be working at a nursing home. These individuals are left without family, left without possessions. We come to bring company and some joy into their days. I am unsure of what the work will include but I look forward to it as well as the times spent in study with my Navs family. This will be a wonderful time of growing with them. Pray for us, that we will represent Christ well, knowing that regardless of what we do, He is the one who changes and gives life.

Stories when I return!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Yesterday, I opened the Penn State Post Office.

Another thing to add and check off of the list of things to do before I die!