Friday, June 27, 2008

Glimmerin' Gates

This post is in honor of Matt Tingle, the second of the cousins and grandkids, to have a wedding and get hitched. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. His wife to be is Amanda, someone who already feels like family for all the events she's been at during our visits south! We all love them and are so excited for this day! Matt is a pretty amazing person himself on top of marrying Amanda. He was always an great cousin, from letting us chase attack him until we fell over from fatigue at Lake Burton to talks about books and all those long emails when I had my "choosing a college" crisis. He's always been incredibly considerate and loving to everyone around him and I simply cannot believe that I am missing his wedding!

Matt, I'm more sad about that than I can possibly say! I know the day will be amazing, that crazy fun memories will be made, and that at the end of the day... you'll be married whether I'm there or not, a detail I'm sure Amanda appreciates. I love ya'll and can't wait to be down there at Thanksgiving to see you!

With Love,
The little cousin

P.S. I am bringing a total of zero fun books with me to WVA. I feel as if I am violating the core of my personage committing such an unavoidable atrocity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the course of history

there are moments where posting is absolutely necessary.

I am leaving for Worldview this Sunday and I am shaking in my shoes in great fear. Thank you God for fear! I rushed in panic to 1 Corinthians 13 and prayer, resting there for over an hour, literally shaking with the realization that I am all set up for failure. I also went to the house of Hannah, Annie, and Ellie, dear friends who I am blessed to know and to have been allowed into their lives. I was able to spend the evening and have dinner and play bocce and chat with Beth and Becky their older sisters. It is a family of WVA students and we pulled out old camp pictures and found that I had been at camp at the same time as their brother when I was 15. We remembered some same faces and names and shared old stories. We watched them in the musical Annie and talked about their school and stories. These girls are the most welcoming and accepting girls I have ever been with! Who could not help but feel somehow capable of loving perfect strangers when the strangers of before are become these friends?

It is strange to have the house entirely to myself. I clean and do laundry and listen to music and read bucket loads. To think that I will not see my family for five-six weeks. I come home and they leave! Matt and Amanda are getting married (hurrah!) and they are gone to the celebration and ceremony. I wish I could be there but... I will be with the wva so soon. Just so few days to go! The first week you will be able to contact me here:

Dana Ray
Worldview Academy
C/O Menlo College
Conference Services, 1000 El Camino Real
Atherton, CA 94027

With Love, Your Very Lame Poster

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I will not continue posting on here throughout the summer. Or most likely not. I'm working through June at the Hershey Medical Center and then traveling with Worldview Academy ( through July on their West Coast Team. Here is a letter explaining what that will look like:

Dear Friends and Family,
Five years ago I attended a camp for five days that had an incredible influence on how I understood the Christian faith and how I engaged with it, heart, soul, and mind. This was Worldview Academy, a nondenominational leadership camp that seeks to train l students in a Biblical worldview through teaching in leadership, apologetics, and cultural studies. I grew in significant ways that week and returned for a second year the following summer, a time that grew me even more. Particularly in this second summer, I began to understand exactly why I was so attached to this organization and wanted to go back year after year. The key was the college staff that had looked after me and helped me unpack what I had been learning (“Drinking from a fire hydrant” as they say). I had not known older students who had loved me and cared for me as sincerely as these people did. I absolutely adored my small group leader and cried when camp was over and I had to go home. If they had not been there to love me as they did, the teaching I had received would have meant nothing in my life. If they had not been there to model the kind of living and loving that I needed to be, all the knowledge that I came away with would have meant nothing.
So why am I telling you this? Because this summer, I will be going on staff with Worldview Academy in the same role of the college students that spoke into my life in early highschool. The past two summers I have interned for weeklong periods and this summer I will be traveling for the month of July with the West Coast team from Menlo College in Northern California to Seattle-Pacific University in Washington State. I am incredibly excited and honored by this chance to be a part of a team of students like the one that influenced me. Each week I will have anywhere from 6-11 girls ranging in ages from 13-18 years, and will keep track of them, herd them in the right directions, and help build a community with them for those five days. The position of college staff member is vital to Worldview Academy’s mission of training and raising up leaders. Without someone to personally help oversee the growth of the students, nothing would happen!
I am therefore, asking for your constant prayers as I work this July throughout the Northwest. God has big plans and I can only pray that I will help be a part of them! There are a few things that I would love prayer for:

• Energy!
• My other team mates
• My constant and undivided attention to be in the here and now
• My girls! God is going ahead of me and preparing hearts! I can't wait to see what this looks like!

If you would like to contact me, my addresses will be posted on the website or you can reach me by email at or by phone on the weekends at (717) 514-8793. Thank you!

With love in the Savior,

Dana Ray