Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We didn't go to church last night which turned out to be an excellent choice. Dad read a devotion, Hannah and I read the Christmas story, we took communion, and then the kids did a phenomenal skit that involved the real meaning of Christmas and 50mph donkeys. I was impressed. It was also quiet and peaceful. It seemed like the right thing to do the night before Christmas.

I love being home. And I was right. I think a lot about my friends at Penn State because I am in as little contact with them as I am with home friends while at school. Somewhere along the way I'll learn how to keep in contact with people. I'm assuming that it takes more effort than I've ever bothered putting into it. I'm assuming that that is true about most things that I've failed at.

Home also means reading and resting. I finished off "Peter and the Starcatchers" at Gretchen's demand and a book by Lauren Winner. On the list of "To Reads" include finishing Master and Commander, To Own A Dragon, Velvet Elvis, and Letters to a Young Poet. Wish me luck because I'm rather certain that I won't manage such a crazy ammount of reading even with all the heavenly breathing space given every day.

Our house has moved into Topsy Turvy world while we head toward a massive room switch between every single bedroom in the building. Hannah to Isaac's, Isaac to the girls', the girls to Mom and Dad's, Mom and Dad to ours. Seeing as we've had it in this order for over nine years, the change is radical and is causing more than a few frustrations from those with better rooms and insisting from those with the dark, sunless chambers.

And our family has become the poster family under armour. Without a doubt (or objection). And I now own the entire set of hardback Harry Potter books. I stroke their covers and think of all the stories I have about reading them for the first time and its lovely that now they can sit on my shelf in unpeterbed happiness.

I would add music to Miriam's list of what makes a gift a gift: can you watch or listen to it? Can it be read? can it be eaten?

The last is the most important, of course.

My first week home is almost up... two more to go! Such luxury is unheard of! I'm so thankful for it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"dancing cucumber, dance, dance, yeah!"

It has been a really wonderful weekend. I finished a number of projects so I was able to spend time hanging out and doing things as opposed to being strapped to my books as if my life depended on it.

What I can't remember telling you is that I have a new room mate! We get along splendidly and I'm so glad to have her there.

(This is of us last night at the LIFE House Christmas Party. Everyone dressed up and hung out in the supplemental lounge which was fun. The music and dancing lasted far too late though and the whole building hated us)

The Navs Sweater Party though is well worth mentioning. Maryn picked us up around 7:45 (Sarah and I were the only ones from our Bible study to go) and we went to the Ramada Inn where we had taken over the basement.

We looked completely and utterly silly the entire time. Ugly sweaters will do that to any group of people but dancing in them was exceptional, I must say. We had a grand time though and I was completely exhausted the following day.

I want home so badly... but I'm growing repetitious. Any and all of you should call me and leave me happy messages.

What is so funny is that I know I'm going to get home and start missing people at school. And when I'm here I miss people at home. What is life but a continual lesson in how to miss more people than you ever thought you knew or enjoyed?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Far too real seeming

Last night I went with Kate (my RA) to Cru since I had finished most of my studying for the day. It was an enjoyable time and we were hanging out in the HUB auditorium afterwards when Tim Henderson grabbed a mic and said that we all needed to stay put. Then he was on the phone with a worried look on his face. Everyone sort of froze while we waited for him to tell us what was going on. He said that there had been a shooting, it was not clear where the gunman was, and that we should stay put and not walk back to our dorms before we had more information. To be quite honest, I was scared. We all were. People immediately broke into groups to pray. Cell phones were used at alarming speeds and rumors kept floating around as to what was actually happening. I called Mom and interrupted a concert (which I later felt very bad for but at the time it seemed the reasonable thing to do). About half an hour later it was decided that according to the University Police, the event had happened several hours ago and that there was no reason to be alarmed. A group of us walked back to East together. Caity got a call from the police since there was suddenly a scare at Atherton Hall related to a call she made to a friend. But back in East on our floor the news hadn't arrived. Kate called the coordinator to confirm that nothing had happened while people came one by one to find out.

Thank God nothing was really happening. Oddly enough, parts of the rumors were true. Such as: nothing was actually going on, he was seen on South Atherton street (though hours earlier), there actually WAS a lock down in Atherton Hall and the place was swarmed with police leading to the idea that there was SWAT team on campus. Check out the article.


It just seemed so real and frightening. But then there is truth to the mob mentality. When there is fear, people bunch and kind of freeze up until someone tells us what to do. There was actually a lot of peace about it where I was as well as fear. I just hope that I never have to go through that imagining ever again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Video Rejection

Did you know you could upload videos on here? Well you can. I can't apparently, but you can.

The other night I read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to a group of friends. It made me miss home. And it was the highlight of the week thus far.


Tomorrow: Science. Story final draft.
Friday: Theatre.
Wednesday: math
Thursday: Mythology

I have to wait a very long time for the last two finals.

But lots to do. Navs on Friday. Life House formal on Saturday. Church on Sunday. Tea with Erica on Monday.

And studying in all those times in between. I'm trying to sound desperate and panicked. I'm not though because the whole final thing doesn't sound to dreadful. I'm convinced that my school load this semester was one of the lightest I've ever known but for the fact that I was frantically running around all the time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

Naps combined with racing thoughts combined with odd, frightening nightmarish dreams do not make for a happy Dana.

Neither does a lack of sun. And an overabundance of grey clouds.

Nor the fact that three hours of writing work disappeared into the bowels of erased internet death housing.

I may be, according to Cindy, one of the best adjusted college freshman from my friends.

I am NOT well adjusted to missing Christmas with the family. I'm ticked that classes go so late and that finals go even later. I miss home and I want to be there.

So sue me.

(I don't know why I felt that last line was appropriate for the occasion but I'm sure it is)

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I miss home like crazy right now. One more week of classes... one more week of finals...

And then I'll be home for a long break.

I have a new roomate and I'm totally psyched about the whole thing. I'm so glad this worked out and that we'll have the chance to hang out next semester. We talk and I feel like I can play Chris Rice without bothering someone. The strange thing is that she's leaving for the weekend today. I'll have three nights by myself which will be the wierdest thing since the first weekend here when Michelle didn't show up till Sunday. So anyone who wants to come visit, please do so. There is plenty of room and I might be rather lonely during the day.

And I love the girls in Bible Study. This past week was really good... some great fellowship time and sharing and praying for each other. Much love to Paige and Maryn!

My brain is dead. Afternoon class was cancelled. I worked on math for a few hours, read science, Seneca, all sorts of interesting things.


This is to my family: for heavens sake, get a tree, put it up, and then send me a picture so I can have it as the background on my computer. That is an order! Or at least let me know when it is and you can all go on video ichat.

Video ichat is a very strange thing.

Monday, December 03, 2007

December is Here

Aunt Dale's comment on the post below has brought me to my senses. It is time to post again!

First, piece of news: it feels like Christmas. Advent celebration started yesterday at church. The decorations were so lovely... and then we had a dinner afterwards in the sanctuary with homemade lagsana. Why do I think there is a g in that word? And the night before it hard started snowing really hard around midnight. The majority of the top two floors of Tener rushed outside in boots, coats, hats, scarves, and mittens to pretend that there was more snow than there was and celebrate the first snow of the year! It was lovely, actually. Some among us had never seen snow before and took an initial dislike to it when it got in their eye. Their first reaction was that it wasn't going to melt and they paniced. We tried to have a snow ball fight but there wasn't really enough for that. However, the roads and sidewalks were perfectly icey and we did some serious sliding on each. Don't worry. I stayed out of the road.

It kept me up far too late but I loved it.

Heading back to classes this week. Two more weeks of classes... hard to believe that my first semester is almost over. I have a final and a final project due next week. Then two finals. One class has finished giving out assignments, or rather I finished all the projects due for it. Celebration!

Caramel apple cider sounds perfect right about now. It is snowing again and the wind that slammed into our building last night was enough to wake me up around 3am. "I'm walking in a winter wonderland..."

Saturday, December 01, 2007

TImes in 1006 Tener

I love technology and how I can hang out with my family and listen to Hannah read Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone.

It also seems to be a fact that the more I have to post about, the less I actually do. The fact that today is Saturday and I'm lazing about the dorm room, resting, laundry, some school, and "visiting home" is obviously why I am going to post.

I went to a girl's dance last night after Navs. It was crazy and a lot of fun. I danced like a mad woman which apparently surprised them all. I do love dancing like a mad woman.

How amusing... I love going home and hanging out with friends.

This week someone who was a friend in elementary school walked out of a door in the stairwell and said hello. Very strange. I can't remember her after sixth grade.

Christmas is so soon!