Monday, October 29, 2007

Jess, me, Taylor

We just finished getting changed after Navs for the costume party. A Cave Woman, Hermione, and Pocahontas of all imagination compact.

It was a crazy time. Very strange costumes but creative undeniably.

This is me and Mimi, my math tutor and friend!

Granted, you can't see my entire costume, BUT I am repeating the costume for an entirely different set of people at an entirely different party Wednesday night. Hopefully the hair will turn out better and more Hermione. AND. I just went want hunting in the trees behind the music building and was SUCCESSFUL! It is rather lovely and convincing looking. It even has some dents in it from when I fought off Death Eaters a few times. Good times.

And I don't have any better pictures. I'm sorry!

Write me. Email me. Remember me.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Strange Days

It is frustrating how one person can completely throw me off, frustrate me, and convince me by their complete silence that I must be offensive in some obscure way.

Penn State is flooded with people right now. The band is playing in the field beside my dorm. Everyone has crowded the commons to watch College Game Day on ESPN (broadcasting from the front of the Bryce Jordan Center). It is crazy exciting. There is going to be a student white out. We are playing the #1 team in the nation.

And I'm working concession stand (poses proudly).

I am so excited. I really am. It will be great.

Last night was Navigators and Mimi (my math salvation) came with me! A guy from Wycliffe Bible Translators spoke and told his story of living for ten years in New Guinea. It... well it was very moving. Not on a whole scale though, just me. He spoke very quietly and simply but with an odd passion seeping through it. And I was reminded of how all I wanted to be as a little girl was become a missionary to India. And how convinced I am right now that I need to study English here at PSU. And I thought of my plans and past the end of college and realized how unappealing graduate school sounds, at least in the direction of a PhD. Maybe a masters so I can teach or an MFA but PhD...

But then, those aren't the only things I have to do. Why not disappear into the world for a while after graduation and do something worth while? What harm would that actually do? It wouldn't.

I was so glad that Mimi came. She's really a sweet girl and I enjoy her company. She dressed up as a hippy for the party afterwards. Maryn drove us over and we got lost. I'm always amazed how we get lost with her and yet end up one of the first people there. Not everyone arrived until at least 10 or 10:30, but mainly because they had such elaborate costumes. There was the bobsled team from Cool Runnings and a Lost and Found box and a dude in this blow up flamingo and "Twice Baked Potatoes" (Maryn and Megan in tin foil), Office characters, a cow, "Kids on a rope" (a PSU thing), two Joe Pas, and who knows what else. I was a rather tame looking Hermione. Or maybe Ginny because my hair wasn't kinky or wavy whatsoever. But I had a tie and skirt and it was fun. Oh, and there was a full fledged Disney original Peter Pan. It was very strange.

I think we should have stayed in character. It got confusing to talk to people in their costumes.

I took pictures. And then my battery died (you think I would have learned my lesson). And then I forgot it on the kitchen counter. Dan promised to rescue it for me but he won't be found until tomorrow as he's waiting in Paternoville for front row seats. If you don't know what Paternoville is, you don't live in Penn State.

In other news, Websters is bad for my storage room. My shelf space is completely full and that isn't including the books I've loaned to people since being here. And then Rethinking Worldview and Redeeming Law came in the mail. They both feel and smell lovely and I can't wait to read them. Which means Thanksgiving... or not since we're going to GA. I can't wait to go to Georgia! I was reading Eudora Welty's autobiography and she spends a great deal of time talking about her extended family, drawing a picture of where she came from and how she came to be. And it made me miss cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles and all the drama and fun times that goes with that. Cousins are brilliant things. I'm glad I have lots and lots of them.

Time to get to work. Or avoid work some more which is what I'm doing now.

Concession standing from 6pm till midnight... what was I thinking...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Me Right Now

Me right now is a strange and boring thing. I worked liked crazy this past week to study for the test this morning. And I've been reading and writing maniacly.

But my prof cancelled class today. So I took a test and it went really well. And I went to Websters and holed myself in the back corner with chai and scone and computer and wrote away. I even proved to my prof that I used the free time wisely when he walked through on the way to the OTHER coffee house. Very strange. And I wrote and wrote and smelled really old books and watched the crazy people walk through on their business or nonbusiness.

And I went to the art museum and wrote on the computer in front of a painting. It was lonely but fun.

I felt collegy and artsy.

And then I sat down, read intelligent books.

That ended when I got the next disk of Gilmore Girls and a bag of popcorn. I'm resting and enjoying this break. Saturday will be crazy. And so will tomorrow. And so will Sunday. So I'm resting now.

Hurrah for resting!

Monday, October 22, 2007


The sun was not even over the horizon when I was woken to the sound of an insistent, madening, who knows what, akin to the sound of a machine gun being shot in an empty room made of metal.

There was construction. And the room smelled like exhaust. The hallway was even worse.

No one wants to be woken up by construction. (ANGRY FACE)

So what do you do? Do you close the window and become unbearably stuffy with a lesser smell of exhaust and the sound of machine guns OR do you feel comfortable in your blankets and feel like someone got into your room, banging pots and pans?

The decisions I have to make every day.

In other news, its cold. And I'm watching Gilmore Girls. It isn't the most amazing show ever but it is rather charming in a small way. It is a great excuse to ignore school work too.

This is Maryn who I am so grateful for. I'm thankful for Navs in general. And for new friends and a leaf fight in church clothes and Simmons brunch and a enlightening discussion on swearing.

This Friday I'm going as Hermione Grangerto a costume party. (grin) I'll do some before/after and compare/contrast photos on here if you like. Hannah said that it was unimaginative. I said it was practical because it really only involved a black skirt and black sweater, both of which I have.

And a tie... I'm going to have to beg around the ninth floor for that one.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Habits Slipping Away

At Gretchen's insistence I am returning to my blog though I had not intended to abandon it in the first place. I'm afraid that my journal has also been ignored which I regret. I just never think about it during the day.

This week has been good and horrible. So many things have been there to enjoy and love, but others were just dreadful. Math was one of them. I've been getting help with it but it hasn't done much good to be honest. I still am frustrated and confused every time I go into class. I am also not getting very much sleep or the sleep that I ignored getting in the past month is finally catching up to me.

I've tried to start a post every other day for the past two weeks. And I haven't been able to think of anything to say.

I was home last weekend. It was fantastic and I wish I could live here and with them all at once. Mom was a dear and had all my favorite foods as if it was my birthday. Hannah and I stayed up late into the night talking nonsense about serious things and decisions and coming up with wise proverbs about moose heads on the wall. I saw good friends and spent time with them even if the conversations didn't have much time to go anywhere. It was simply good to be with them and enjoy them.

My list of people I miss is shrinking. It is still pretty big but oddly rather small compared to the list of people I had to see before I left.

Eating in a dinning commons gets exceedingly weary after a while. I do appreciate the abbudance of cheaper sandwhiches available all over campus... sandwhiches, and the heavenly wraps. I eat wraps about every other day and the ones in West are particularly delicious as I learned yesterday.

Speaking of West, when I was there I was totally blundering my way through the order system and had to get help from a friend who also ended up being there. I felt so silly. Being a freshman hasn't quite been erased from my forehead but it is fading, slowly but surely.

I've been drinking tea constantly. I think that is a very good thing.

Last night after Navs (around 11), some aquaintances of the past month came up and invited me to go with them and see Harry Potter at the HUB. I think I started dancing, I was so excited. We went to the movie theatre place there where I impressively blundered my way through getting in. I didn't know why the police dude and the security guy were standing at the door for. I thought maybe they wanted to check bags or something but they didn't say anything until I was two steps past them and then they stopped me and asked for my campus ID. As I floundered my way through my backpack, looking for it, the folks I was with assured them that I was simply their guest. It was rather amusing if it hadn't been me... having to be rescued by the sophmores... yeesh.

I got two letters this week. One box from the little kids who hang out at youth group and a card from Uncle Alan and Aunt Gayla. I had no idea he had my address. It was so encouraging and exactly what I needed to hear.

In other news, I've been rereading Till We Have Faces and all the references to Greek mythology actually make sense now. I know what it means and can see other myths interwoven with the basic one about Psyche and Cupid. In fact, all my three humanities courses have been tying in somehow with the others. I like that.

What does one get a friend for the first birthday of their becoming a Christian?

Must go do laundry now. Hopefully, Phil moved his clothes out of the way so I can put mine in the washer. I doubt it. :-)

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's Your Beauty, Lord (that makes us stand in silence)

Many Returns of the Day, Elia Barlough!

I am weary and busy and sweaty with no AC.

But I spent an hour with dear friends working on math and helping them out with their papers. I guess I just find it exciting that I can spend time with them and help out and they're so grateful.

But probably not more than I am, looking at that sheet of finished math problems.

I love swing dancing, I really do. A group of girls from the floor went this past weekend.

And I'm going with Maryn to Walmart tomorrow. I can't wait to hang out with her.

And I'm coming home this weekend and will be Sarah's Saturday evening. If you don't know about, thats okay, because now you do. And I am going to see her pretty walls that aren't red anymore. It has been THAT LONG since I've been there

It is Monday and my heart yearns for Friday.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Time's Passing

It has been a week since leaving from the curb outside Findley Commons, packed into Maryn's car, on my way to the Navs Retreat. It was dark when we got there, a faint light coming from a door in a dome shaped, tin roofed building. My thoughts were at Summit Lake and the comfort and welcome of the dinning hall lights across the lake as the buses pull in.

The weekend felt shorter than any Summit Lake weekend ever. Enjoy them particularly in early highschool. They last for ages and ages and you don't know what to do with the free time and freedom. Make memories and never look back.

Enough philosiphyzing.

Right now it is almost midnight after a long, long day. I am tired and weary and coated with the odd discouragement that seems to dog my every step since returning to campus. I came back encouraged and refreshed and so ready to go. And all I manage to feel is a sense of failure, with school work, in new friendships, in time management...

But a feeling is only a feeling when the sun sets at the end of the day. Because people fold baskets of laundry.

I put my laundry in the dryer and went to class, leaving a note saying just to take it out when the next person needed the machine. I come back from class to find my clothes folded in pristine order, sitting in the basket outside my door. The button down shirts were buttoned and the jackets zipped and everything looked as if it was ready to be put on a "for sale" rack in a store. I think I was near tears over this. It struck me as being the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. While I know that is rather an exaggeration, I couldn't help but feel rather overwhelmed at the servant's heart.

Jesus's was so folding laundry in my dorm last Thursday.

(and even the underwear was discreetly tucked in the folds of shirts so as not to be awkward while sitting in my hallway.)

(this was actually from a few weeks ago at bowling)