Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yesterday, Gretchen, Jen, and I took a mad dash to the library before it closed to get some movies to watch together. While there I picked up a brochure about reading groups the library offers and got rather excited about one of them before I remembered that I'm not going to be here in the fall to join.

The fall? Change that to three weeks.

I'm also putting together plans for the great Senior Road Trip with Dad next week. We'll be gone from August 8th-August 15th. This means that if you want to get together with me, then do it NOW because it will be madness far too soon. This trip is going to be wonderful: Victoria, Olympic National Park, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, coast line, Redwood National Park, San Fransisco, and long, long hours in the car. It will be WONDERFUL. I'll take lots of pictures and show them to you all. Perhaps I'll even have a computer with me at the time and will write posts and put them up when I run across internet. I'm not sure there will be much in terms of that when we are along the Oregon and California coast lines.

I can't wait.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

World Gettin Smaller Every Day

Small world story #1: My roomate lives near me. She went to Lower Dauphin. Kelly knows her vaguely. Kent assures me we'll get along wonderfully. And to top it all off, my dad is friends with her dad. Please note that all roomate assignments are made randomly. God's grace. *

Small world story #2: I was visiting Iglesia El Faro during the Wednesday carnival, hanging out, getting my face panted, and what not. The other group at the other carnival got back and a junior high boy from another church came up to me and said that I looked familiar and was I from Worldview Academy? I said that I had been at the Pennsylvania camp. Turns out he recognized me from when his family picked up his sister. I also remembered his sister as one of the first students I met while unloading cars, which is exceptional considering all the cars I helped unload. I was so excited about this!

Small world story #3: While eating innocently eating my lunch at Ligonier today with Sarah, Ben, Jane, and Joel, I looked up to see Daniel Hebda in the food line. There was definitely a double take, but when I saw Margaret I knew I wasn't hallucinating. Yet another Worldview face to appear out of nowhere. They must think I'm stalking them as we end up being associated together in the oddest ways: Margaret was in Latin I with me online; Daniel I knew from my second year as a wva student and from interning last summer. At this rate, I'll end up on their doorstep sometime with a flat tire or something equally bizarre.

In other news, this weekend was mad fun. I was so glad to see Jenny and hang out and see where she works all summer. She loves it, thats pretty much evident. The camp was huge and on a hill so you had to walk up or down but eventually always back up. We did much of both. I slept long and hard last night and on the way home today because of it. I won't ever forget the "Vom Com" or blackberry picking or wading in that creek for an enormous ammount of time or the picnic on the dirt road in the dark ("Is that a man walking towards us?"). Hanging out in the Meat Locker was also very memorable. Many thanks to Sarah and Ben for taking me!

* I think that if you made that sentence any longer it would explode because it wouldn't hold all the meaning properly. That sentence is HUGE.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Deathly Hallows

That was the best book of the series. I feel like my insides have been ripped out and replaced again.

I'll leave it at that until I know how many of you have read it yet.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This is the sound of all of us

"Singing with love and the will to trust..."

WVA is home. It is a place where I make mistakes and say the wrong things and trip over my own feet trying to get along with grace and poise. It is a place where I am loved despite my foolishness. It is a place where I have measured my growth and growing up.
It is a place where I suceed and fail. It is a place where I can speak and be silent and watch and learn. It is a place where I serve and find myself served in return.

And it was only five days.

It was strange to try and find my feet amongst a group of people who had known and fought on together for seven weeks. At the same time I felt as if I had known all of them all my life though I know not one of them looked familiar when I arrived Sunday and timidly walked up to them unloading the trailer. Greer was the leader I was with and by the end it felt as if she was my sister. I could tell her things that I would normally only tell the all knowing Hannah. I could work with her and know when she ought to say something and when (perhaps) I ought to be the one to act. I could ask her anything without feeling awkward about it. While I was not always around the other staff in the moment by moment way I was with Greer, they also proved themselves to be some of the most wonderful people I've ever met. I'll never, ever forget the skits they did with all those Princess Bride quotes, sending us rolling on the floor with laughter. One instance of hilarious "of course it would be" moments was when Aaron was playing the conceited prince and winked at the crowd again and again and again. What he did not know was that the girl in his direct line of sight was my girl Ashley, a mk from Pakistan, where a wink deserves a slap in the face. Who knew? She was okay with it but it was still funny how awkward that must have been for her. He acted out a very dramatic apology later on that delighted her.

And the girls stole my heart away. Not only was I able to see some of my girls from last year grow even more than before, I had their sisters in my group. Hannah's sisters Annie and Ellie were with me as was Katie's sister Amanda. I was also able to read poetry to them all at some point during the week. Amy said that she doesn't like Cummings because the focus is on words and not meaning which is ridiculous. Perhaps. After reading Laura "Jabberwock" she commented: "I'm not sure which was more funny: the poem or watching you read it." But they were all dears in one way or another. I couldn't have been more delighted than in during our discussion of films and the lies that were suddenly noticable in ways they had never noticed before. It was fantastic! Another of my favorite moments were the "dates" I had with some of the girls at meal times. Greer took six and I took five. It is hard at times to get to them all as individuals in a large group of 11 students. This helped a lot in that. Greer also let me write the cards to the girls I had gotten to know specifically. While it was a project that kept me up late with frantic writing Wednesday, it was well worth the effort.

Annie to the "mute" Ellie: "Ellie! Sshh!"

Other times were what we called "Fendengos:" staff meetings or "T-Time" when we got together with the other lady staff members and did crazy things. "What happens in T-Time stays in T-Time." -Sarah Wilson. However, Fendengos could either be serious discussion of scheduals and details OR they could be crazy times of laughter and relaxation away from the duties of leading. The next time a party happens I'll teach you all the "Holly Nelson" game which made us laugh to the point of tears. There were also times such as the first night when Miles danced around singing "Lean on Me" and getting ready for the Spamley cup presentation squished in that closet. "Tim, can we stay in here all night? This is so much fun!" -Cookie. The Staff vs. Student frisbee game was also classic. Miraculously, I scored early in the game but did little after that. We won of course; 11-3. That was the closest the game had been all summer.

But what did I learn? What did I see God do?

I saw peace replace fear. In myself and in others.

I saw minds start to work.

I saw that I have grown since I first came to Worldview.

I saw that there is still much to learn.

I saw that teamwork is essential. "We are brothers and sisters like soldiers are brothers and sisters, not as a family."

I saw that prayer alone is harder than prayer with someone else.

I saw that God has a sense of humor in making me do things completely against who I naturally am.

I saw wisdom.

I saw myself. And it wasn't pretty.

I saw joy and laughter, like when I knocked Annie over into the wall and Kristina couldn't move for laughing at us.

"The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are." C. S. Lewis

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am waiting. In twelve hours I will be "home".

I can't wait.


Just put my name in the subject line.

Isaac turned 8 today. We had a wonderful time, a huge lunch, etc. I love my brother. He's the best. He likes to hang out with me and tickle me and "wrestle" as we call it. I call him "Diculous" and he calls me "Pip." I hope we can always stay friends.

I bought a camera. Yes. Me. Hannah and I realized that we couldnt' take one camera two places at once so I bought one for next week and for school. This way I will document the madness which is Penn State for you all so you can see and wonder. You are all invited to come visit me though I may not know of anything to do... but you can come anyway.

Email me. Pray for me. Pray for my girls. I can't wait to learn their names...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July

We slept in, hung out, played board games (which I competely lost, as usual), ran around in the downpour of rain, ordered pizza, ate icecream, then drove over to Hershey for the fireworks completely entrenching our van in the mud along the side of the road. It took two strangers, Hannah, and myself pushing with Mom at the wheel to get us out. It was an adventure but it was fun! We had never been that close to the fireworks before but generally stayed in our yard where you can see but not quite hear. Playing in the rain was the most fun. We sang songs from Jane Austen films ("Did you not see my ladieeeee!!!") and quote Sense and Sensibility (There is some blue sky, let us chase it!). I sat on the swing which did not hold my weight, dropping me on my bum into the large mud puddle. It was grand.

Worldview is coming. You should all go to it at least once in your life. The price is enormous but it is so worth it, even if just once. Gretchen will go next year which makes me excited. She will love it. And you describe it and people think your mad which means you have to go after their parents. That generally works a good deal better. The students like it even if their made to go by domineering parents who insist on making them do what they'll love in a few days.

I can't wait to be there.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Playin in the sunshine, Laughin with Heaven

I hung out with Chrissy last Friday. You should all do the same. Just call and then go over and hang out and entertain. She's bored. I wasn't very entertaining. I just changed the dvds.

This Sunday will find me at WVA. I'm getting rather excited about it so I hope I will be able to sleep Saturday night. Hopefully, I'll go swing dancing in Carlisle and come home late which will help with the sleeping part. Except when I stayed out late last year with Kim. I got in enormous trouble. I dreamed about it last night and about Whitney but she won't be there this year.

I really have nothing interesting to say and I ought to go start on the analyzation for the day. It is so quiet... the entire hallway took vacations this week and won't be back until Thursday, meaning Hannah and I have the lab all to ourselves. It is rather eerie.

"sailing with russel... chasin that heartbeat... playin in the sunshine... laughin with heaven..."