Saturday, February 24, 2007

.:gasp:.! er. okay dear?

"What is it you need again?"


"Well maybe you should have thought of that before becoming peasants!!"

Good evening with my little ladies. They had some crazy things to say and I smiled thinking that I was so like them not too long ago. And dancing to Highschool Musical and saying things we really shouldn't have in front of them like Cait saying that she could have gone anywhere other than our house and the others posing with cream soda as beer.

No telling parents that though. (grin)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gaudy Night

... is the death of me.

Maybe, someday, if I strive very hard, I'll be able to write a screen play for Gaudy Night and seen it made into a film. And that will be a great achievement and hardly original.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Memory Hunting

Today, as I went through photo albums and files in search of appropriate material for a slide show, I discovered something that has rather upset me.

I have few to no pictures with people who are significant in my life right now.

Oh, I have lots of pictures OF them. But very, very few with. My record of events with friends is either through my eyes of behind the camera or no pictures at all. Anyone have some pics of me and sarah, me and cait (I'm SURE no one has one of me and cait spencer...), me and elia, me and mim, me and mim and elia, me and chrissy, me and keilah, me and jr camp blanketeers, etc? If you do, call or email me so I can get some copies!

Hannah and I have concluded that we are memory pack rats.

Monday, February 12, 2007

When in Rome

This past Saturday I went to the Hershey Theatre and saw an old Audrey Hepburn movie! It was grand to watch a film like that with over a hundred people, on a big screen, in velvety red seats, and someone like Mim and Rachel to give unofficial tours of the theatre basement.

But that part is a secret. Ssshhh!

I've been considering a restart to the Inklings this summer. What with the musical and school right now, I'm not sure it could happen. Any ideas for evenings in the summer that would do? Any location ideas? I miss the talk and the reading passages and Sarah trying to win us over to admire Sylvia Plath and the likes of ee cummings and all of that.

"There's a tree that marks the places you've been"

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Views of a College Class

I took a survey of my speech class to find out what things about homeschooling I needed to address in my speech. I typed out their written answers for your enjoyment. Some of them are questions, others are slams, the others are ignorant assumptions and acknowledged stupidity. I enjoyed them very much.

Some views of homeschooling among a college speech class

• Usually when I hear homeschooling, I think of people well versed in academics but a bit lacking social wise. I’ve cousins who’e been homeschooled and they are the blacksheep of the family: skilled in a variety of skills like piloting, arts, and martial arts but uncomfortable and distant with anyone.
• Don’t you feel you missed out on the social part of public schooling? Friends? Sports? Clubs? Etc?
• I have never met someone who was homeschooled, and know absolutely nothing about it except that you still have to take standardized tests. I also heard its much more effective.
• Lacking social skills, sheltered, “problem” kids, laziness
• When I think homeschooled I think BORING SHELTERED! I love my mother. She is my best friend. But I can’t imagine seeing her all day. I have about three or four friends who have been homeschooled and they are very ignorant as to what is politically correct and it can be very annoying.
• The parents do not have to certified to teach anything, kids don’t have social skills, the kids to take tests, easier than public school
• Most of the homeschooled kids I now are proper or well-behaved. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that they are homeschooled, however. Some (but not all) of the homeschooled kids that I have talked to don’t seem to relate to others on a personal or social level. Actually, it seems that most of them are this way.
• How are you graded? Like who grades homework and tests?
• Not as fun, less friends, easier work or tougher work, get to sleep in everyday
• I don’t really know anything about homeschooling. I think it must be harder for kids that are homeschooled to make friends- maybe they are more quiet? I don’t really know too much.
• Kids are goody-goody. Nonsocial or socially awkward.
• Its a lot easier than regular school. You can eat breakfast while learning math in the morning. I know nothing about homeschooling.
• I think homeschool is just like publicc or private school without the social aspect. In public school there are clubs and sports; I didn’t think homeschoolers had that. Just doesn’t seem as fun.
• Homeschooling is just another form of school outside of the system.
• Its hard to make friends. Can get done faster. How does a family get along for it? How does lack of interaction with peers affect you?
• When I think of homeschooling I think of a child, who’s become antisocial in many ways, waking up, and spending the entire day with his mother/father.

I have a lot of antagonism against homeschooling, me thinks... what a challenge!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fiddler Cast List Revealed!

Yep! First woman here I come!

If I Were

I really should have posted again more quickly after that last one, but I did not. Of course you are all greatly distressed by this silence. I know you are. I can hear you weeping violently night and day and calling out for me to post again!

(don't correct the validity of the sentence above)

Since the last post, I have been more and more engaged in school work. It isn't really bad this semester. Of course, I'm only taking three classes and they are all ridiculously easy so far. Psych is stupid. But at least I studied quite hard for my test which turned out to be 25 multiple choice with the answer practically given in the question. I only hope all colleges aren't like the one I'm at right now or this country is going to have some desperatly under-educated college students. Maybe it is just the stupid core classes that PSU requires that are hopeless. Maybe once I meet some real English proffs...

Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

As Elia already knows (and Mim because she lives with Abby), the Fiddler on the Roof try outs were last week. Singing was DREADFUL on my part. I tried. But really, at least I know I can't sing. It would be worse if I thought I could. But tryouts were brilliant on a number of levels. The first is that I got there late and didn't have to see every single time those girls did that one scene... over... over... and over again. The second is that Jennifer Ray is a fantastic little actress and won everyone's hearts when she read for Chava's part. The third is that Hannah makes an impressive Tevye. Yes, the male lead. We were all quite proud.

In other news, Hannah and I went to El Faro this past Sunday. It was good to see everyone there again.

Other than that... I have no news. But I don't usually have surprising or exciting news anyway.

I need to start work now. The end.