Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Time to Read

"This is a tale of a jackass and a young bean counter, a girl of marvels and mysteries, horesemen swift as wind, Goat Folk, Daughters of Morning, voyages, tempests, terrors, disastors. And the occasional rainbow."

The Arkadians by Lloyd Alexander

That has to be one of the best first sentences I've ever read. Up there with "There was once a boy named Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it."

Any particularly favorite first lines from books anyone would like to share?

Monday, December 18, 2006

"The holidays have begun!"

I took my math final this morning. It took 1.75 hrs.

I handed in my english paper. It was boring. Approximately 4.53 pages. Not includeing bibliography.


I'm DONE for a month!

(Laughs with glee)

Beat that! Haha! Yeah! I win!

In a sad, ridiculous sort of way, I would be this happy even if Christmas wasn't in a week. But it is. And I am. And its grand.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas (IE Santa's Party)

Today I got up to go to piano lessons.

To find that I had left my head lights on. I had no battery power.

(hits head)

But in better news, this semester is almost over. Christmas is almost here. The parties are about to start! Reminder, if you read this, you are most welcome to my house this Saturday evening at 7pm for some christmas movie time.

I'm sick and tired of Santa Clause. People want to believe in him so badly and yet they completely ignore the whole point of the holiday.

Thank God there will always be a remnant. I hold on to that thought every day when faced with the fact that Christianity is slowly being forgotten, ignored, as worth anything in this country. I almost wish it was blatant persecution. At least then we could take active measures to work against it. Now we just have our words and actions and some who call themselves Christians don't even have those.

Why are some nonChristians infinitly friendlier than others who go by that title? I don't understand. I remember Mr. Kulp speaking on how all the good "pagans" (he never softens his words) good works never ammount to anything since they are attempting to win salvation by some invisible standard instead of doing good works for the glory of God. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

College Shopping Update

I've heard from two schools in the past two days.


I've been accepted to Covenant College and Penn State Main.

Now to wait for the money info.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Four Evenings

I spent the beginning of last week scrambling to get the last minute applications done and sent in. I did it! Hurrah! Hip hip! Huzzah! Woooootttt!!! PWN! Score! Buyah!


My mind then decided to go take a holiday and my school functions have been equal to nihilo since then. I however, have been happily employed in scampering about the country during the evenings doing mental stress nihilo things such as Starbucks and youth group and Wii and surprise parties. Yep. And youth group was crazy because I was handed a song twenty minutes before hand and I learned it and played it with Kent and Bob as "special music." You'll have to ask someone else how it went since I really can't tell.

Surprise party for Kent and Amanda was a bit odd as Kent was quite late and Amanda almost didn't come. Why we did not discuss our plans with their parents is beyond me but oh well. They came, we sang, ate ridiculously rich cake, and sat with Cait around the table the whole night. I'm not sure I moved more than three times from that seat. It was lovely however.

Today was also grand as I decided to ditch my usual desk in the library and venture up to the third floor for lunch and reading. There is this lovely... glass... tower... sitting room area...thing... with the usual cheap chairs and couches and bean bags that is enclosed on three sides by tall glass walls, so you can see the campus from the best vantage available. it was lovely up there in the sky with all the wind that couldn't get through the glass to get me. The sun was shining right on me for two hours and I nearly fell asleep.


Now I have to head to class which will be pointless and boring. Very sad. The good news is that I only have three more classes after this one today. For this class anyway. The others I have... four... yes. Four. HALLELUJAH. Then comes Christmas break. I do have to write that blasted paper and plan that blasted scene first though. Then Christmas shopping which I can't wait for.

Three cheers for the cars that could!