Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Matter of Icecream

Today is a Wednesday, which according to summer rules, means that it is the worst day of the week. Thursday on we hold to the coming weekend. Monday and Tuesday we are remembering the previous weekend. Wednesday we are just unhappy.

Anything is possible through Christ who gives me strength.

Or words...

Words are in great demand right now. I rather had some hopes dashed yesterday. Ah well. There is no harm in trying, right?


But to brighten my grey, wearisome day, they were giving away a free scoop of creamery icecream. I got some chocolate and sat outside in the fifteen minutes before class, looking at the sky, and entering bliss. It was quite nice.

I would love to skip class today. Just leave and go away and hang out at home and practice piano and write essays and come up with something to give Mom and Dad as today is their anniversary. I have many reasons to be happy about this event, such as my own existence. I should probably thank them for it somehow. :-)

Research essay... must start. I'm just waiting until two days from now when my applications are in and gone and done. But the essay is going to be gloriously dull and meaningless to my life. Do I care about politics? Do I? I say again, do I?


Any other news? Nope. Nope, none at all. I think. If someone can think of something else interesting.

Elia: "Is it tea?"

You are now up there with our dear Andrew boy.

"It doesn't really matter."

Monday, November 27, 2006


I shouldn't have left that depressed post up for so long.

News flash: Our bathroom is painted! Come one, come all to see the wonders Mom has wrought!

And I heard a mad conversation today between a group of women studying to be teachers. It appalled me and I keep chidding myself that I didn't go over and ask to join the conversation. (hits head) Bill Jack would have been so proud of me but I didn't.

And now I have much to get done. "Farvelle".

Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm going to go mad if this school day doesn't end quickly. I hate being here. I need to get out.

(rams against library walls)

I need a walk.

OH. And I HATE college applications. I hate them. I am so apathetic about the ones due in seven days, I don't know how it is going to get done. I really don't.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Summit Lake

It was a good weekend. Amazing? No. What I wanted? No. What I needed? I think yes.

My smallgroup really came through. I never though we would get to this point. We're a family now. I never thought it would happen but it did. We had such a wonderful time together, laughing, playing, hanging out. I was with them the whole weekend, trapsing back and forth from our lodge on the other side of the world to the cafeteria and tabernacle. Our group was the only one in our building. It was like having a three story house for our group (14 people total). Nine showers and toilets. That was the best part. Never once did I have to wait to take a shower, not even a cold one. And we tried to pull off a prank. It was disastrous. But we tried. The simple fact is that God really must have had amazing reasons to keep us from it because we were on the war path but just couldn't get anything done.

Don't worry. I did learn things. Much of it was some time spent in silence and peace. Revelations? Not really. A spiritual high? No. But it was comforting and lovely and a perfect rest. Worship times were lovely lead by El Faro, a group of people very near to my heart. It felt like home in a way to have them leading worship, seeing Martin run around, Christian making us jump, Timmy on the trumpet. It was wonderful. Bob even pulled through for Sunday morning to make it well done. I don't think I've ever heard our worship team sound so good. Of course, that isn't the point, but it was something that made me happy.

But what did we do? nothing! Ha! It was fantastic. Just hung out and laughed and cried and shouted and got angry at the world. That was one of the best parts. A portion of our small group went up to the third floor Saturday night and we ranted about anything and everything. Oh, and Mim, we had a heated debate over a woman's role in leadership of the church. It was great.

Some Moments:

-Kelly asking for us to pass the "brown water"
-Amy declaring that the sign must be the trees name and learning that honeysuckle isn't a tree
-The failed massiver newspaper prank (all the pounds of newspaper still sitting in our lodge)
-The ridiculous spy maneuvers by Cait and Dana to get that stupid paper plate
-"These are not my pants!"
-"I've lost my pen! I want it back!"
-Watching Jarad play football for the first and only time
-Watching "Cars"
-The amazing weather.
-Kelly's question at the guy/girl talk (we were so proud)
-Getting into the slide show. Score, I WIN!
-"Harry Potter is gay." "Is not!" "Is too!" "Is not!" "Whatever!" "Is not!" "You're gay!"
-Tim: "Yeah, my favorite scene was the one in the rain. Mr. Darcy is so hot." Luke:" At least it had Keira Knightly to make it worth watching." (the highlight of this was my violently horrified face)
-Not being able to find water.
-Six trips to the emergency room by different people during the day.
-"The Prodigal Daughter" that was an amazing skit. It needed a better title but other than that it was quite good.
-The talk with Cindy and Paul on the way up
-The fun on the way home
-Small group time before the bonfire (which was totally awesome)

That was a brief summary. After I get some more sleep I might be able to give a more comprehensive account of the goings on. Until then...


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This Sunrise


Today was smashing! SAT scores came back and made me happy as they were higher than before. Presented a project in class and was well received. And read the college newspaper and choked on my yogurt.

Because there was an article that was written by "Dana Marie Ray"

I had a cow. They never told me they were going to publish it! Never! I didn't think that they had even received it! But nope. It was there. And I was so excited. Still am. I was published in a newspaper! Ha!

Lovely, mad, crazy, exhausting day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


They're back! Hallelujah!

It is so good not to be in charge anymore. I can now devote myself entirely to school work and Summit Lake thoughts. Which is coming. Gloriously fast. I just hope it comes fast and leaves slowly. But it won't. It never does.

Today is the Sunday I didn't have.

I saw Elia! It made my week.

And Jane called last week which is noteworthy. And wonderful.

Years are mad fast. Mad. Or mental. I like both of those words.

And I like movies a good deal. It would be fun to be a movie critic when I grow up so I can get paid to write about movies. But then I would have to go see tons of ridiculous things that are terrible. Or I could review movies I want to see like that person on does. He has good reviews.