Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Your feet are cold."

Last night was the coldest I've ever been in my life.

With the possible exception of the "Elia/Dana Prank War" at Chillout.

We went to a highschool football game in the rain and wind and cold. It was miserable. We were so wet all night and the rain never stopped. We stayed the whole game. Beat that!

Seriously, I can't remember another time when I was so cold and shivering with no way to get warm or dry off. What I really couldn't believe is that my six layers of shirts weren't working. And that lots of people stayed for a long time too. And huddling didn't work because everyone was just as wet and dripping as you were. And the umbrellas weren't shedding rain, it was coming down to fast.

And Jarad didn't play. Which was the entire reason we went. We yelled and screamed for them to put #45 in but they didn't. We were disappointed. He was disappointed. His mother was disapointed. But we were all there just in case!

But it was all good because we went to Starbucks afterwards. Remind why it is supposed to be heretical again? We stood in the entrance and dripped all over the floor and drank hot drinks and said how much better the Harbour would have been at such a time.

It took me hours to get warm again.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Yesterday, my car door fell off.

No joke.

But it is being fixed by somebody somewhere.

It was quite exciting but I'm sure that most people who read this have heard the story. Maybe I'll tell it again anyways. I went to shut the sliding door, and in my vehnement ire at running late, I hip checked it a good deal too hard and it fell right off. Falling doors is something entirely new in my life experience. At least the car still runs. The Beast/Blue Bullet/Witch/etc has a few more good years it needs to truck along through.

Ryan Musser sold his guitar to buy a ticket to Peru for a friends wedding. If you know Ryan at all, you know that his guitar is permantly attached to his body. I've never seen him without it.

Mrs. Eagleson has made me a stove and a cupboard for my kitchen! I am so excited that I'll actually have a real kitchen to work with! This whole costume thing though, is getting me all irritated. I haven't seen the movie. I'm not going to. I'm going to play Mama the way I see her and I'm going to set up house the way I think she would. Movies are detrimental to an individual's production of a play. Follow my advice and never watch a film during your production of a play. Never.

I commited heresy and drank processed chai tea. The "just add water" kind. I know. I shouldnt have. But I wanted chai and that was in the cupboard. Cold chai just doesn't work for me. All the flavor leaves when I add ice. Why don't they have this problem at coffee houses? Speaking of such things, I've heard a rumor that there is a coffee house in the outlet malls now. Could its location really classify itself as a true coffee house? I don't know. Must visit there sometime.

And I should really head out to class now. Bleh. I'm so going to sleep in tomorrow and no one will be able to stop me!

Monday, October 23, 2006


We transfered some old files from on computer to the next and this picture came up.

I think it was taken by Megan. She sent it to me.

Good weekend. The most random, spontaneous, thing I have ever done.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Cellphones and Empty Houses

Time for a new post.

I was by myself almost all day today. From 11am-5pm. A long time. I watched LOST to keep myself company. And school work and such.

Found out that there was a prayer meeting Monday night. Felt like a jerk. I was one. Irresponsible. Lout head. Etc. Called Bob and apologized and was forgiven. (hits head on wall)

School today. Bleh. Math is bleh. I'm tired of commuting and listening to wjtl play the same songs over and over.

Math is (all of the above)>= need to go to summit lake.

"It seems, its always the crazy times"

My grandmother randomly showed up. Yes randomly.

Much to do. So little time. Au revoir!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Chances Taken

In the past week I have let opportunities to be Christ's love slip by. I can list them even. They screamed at me to come up to the task but I didn't. I had the chance to introduce myself to three different people. I didn't. I chose not to help out with a new girl at youth group. I chose not to help this younger girl find some people to hang out with. After each of these I berated myself for my inconsiderateness.

Today, I didn't miss it.

A girl turned around in math class and asked what my bracelet meant. I was wearing those wordless bible bracelets. So I answered. I couldn't believe I did it but I explained the whole thing to her. She listened politely as I blundered and stuttered my way through it. She turned back around and didn't say anything else. But I did it. Strange to say, this is the first time that I've ever had the chance to explain the gospel like this. Ever. In all the missions trips or wva or anywhere, I've always been the one who spoke and explained concepts further into the Christian faith. I've never had the chance to do what I did today.

I was really bad at it. It was like trying to learn to dive. I tried and did a bellflop. But my parents would laugh and cheer anyway.

But somehow, it was a triumph to finally have taken the chance that God gave me.

Don't miss the chances He gives you today.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Location: New

Right now I'm with Dad at Penn State Main Campus checking it out. It is a different atmosphere than I was expecting and totally different from any of the smaller schools I've taken an interest in. The best information I've gained was from eating lunch with a lady named Rebeccah from Campus Crusade. She talked about her experience at penn state (as an english major!) and what its meant to her and what Christian activity there is on campus, etc. She was so sweet and reminded me very distantly of Rachel from this summer (it was the redish hair I think). Dad definitly made a good call in arranging for her to come meet with us. If I get sold on coming here it will be because of her. There are so many aspects to colleges that it makes my head spin sometimes but visiting here gave me a different angle I need to consider. If anywhere, I loved Hillsdale and we'll see what Grove City is like. If nothing else, I can't wait to spend some time with Anna and Liz. It'll be great fun.

Remember Hannah! She's running today around 4pm at Shenk Park. Go cheer her on or pray that she runs the race of the season! They are up against Hershey today. :-( I wish I could be there.

To Hannah: See black and white.

Monday, October 02, 2006

No News is... what?

Tired tired and needed needed one one more more day day of of weekend weekend.

Enough of that.

Had classes today. Went fine I think though math is still elusive and drama was more difficult than usual. Arranged a room for myself when I visit Grove City on Thursday. Staying with "anna ray" and liz which I am looking forward too. Arianna, if you read this, I'll be in Grove City probably Thursday evening and we need to get together sometime Friday, maybe at lunch? I took a walk around campus and through the Capital Union Building which was nothing but empty hallways and a gym. Got the name of someone who is in charge of Capital Christian Fellowship. At lunch in my car and read 1984 which becoming an irritating book.

I lead a routine filled life. Aside from crazy things that happen rather consistently in the routine.

Last Thursday was smashingly great.

All this is just going on and on without saying anything of importance. People use blogs to post about important things but I can't think of anything important to say.

Aside from this: I hate thinking about college.

Saying that, I do it all the time.