Friday, September 22, 2006

A Long Expected Party

Yes. Today is the day! Today is Bilbo Baggins's birthday! On this day Frodo began all his great adventures concerning the great Ring of Power that ultimatly ended with (...).

Like I would give away the ending...

Go find The Fellowship of the Ring and read it with tea and honey covered scones. And under a tree preferably.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006


Coffee must have the same effect on me as it might do to someone else with alcohol. I am much more alive and outgoing today than usual. Actually spoke to the person beside me in class (gasp) and had something to talk about with Mike before heading in here to the library to write to you my beloved audience. It wasn't hot coffee mind you. Not black either. It was highly watered down with a creamy substance that starbucks concocts. I knew I needed to wake up this morning so I stopped at Turkey Hill and bought one. I am now quite shakey and easily made nervous and easily made cheerfully pleased with the world.

In varying orders, of course.

I have discovered Jasper Fforde. Nothing new to the world mind you but it is a new world in the realm of my experience. He is rather like Doug Adams except with more logicalness to his plots and an interesting love of literature. Facinating man, really. "The Eyre Affair." Good stuff, it really is.

I've missed the sun.

Sat down and watched "The Hunt for Red October" with Dad and Hannah last night. I knew Sean Connery wasn't bad, I knew it. Whoever heard of Sean Connery playing a bad man? Not I!

I hate scholarship essays.

And now I must go to work on my autobiography. Sillyness of teachers, thats what.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

None of us knows and that makes it a mystery...

I'm here again at penn state. I'm here a lot. I like it here as of right now though the drive is getting wearisome rather quickly. I've met a few people and hopefully that number will increase. I'm considering going to a class in ten minutes. Should I or should I not? It could be interesting. It could be mortifying. We'll see.

I have a lovely new blog for my english class. it should be fun and could be a great outreach. I found a christian group on campus but have no idea how to find out their scheduals and such. If the times worked out it would be great to see what they're about. I haven't heard about them until I did research so they don't seem to be very vocal.

What a gloomy day..

I'm bored and lonely.

Every once in a while sports night will be just what I needed. Last night was one of those nights and I'm still basking the glow of the lovely time I had. Being with friends becomes so much more enriching when I spend the majority of my week even away from family. When I am in a comfortable situation I think that I'm actually comfortable with myself and out going and not easily bothered. Suddenly put into a place where I know only a few faces and am taking classes with teachers I don't know... it reminds me how far I am from being at ease with the world, how introverted I am. People scare me. Silly isn't it? Many of you have seen me in settings where I am far from quiet and subdued or timid. Here I am all of those things and uptight on top of that. It is getting better as I go but it was still an unpleasant reminder of how poorly I handle being alone.

"Morning by morning/ I wake up to see/ the power and comfort/ of Your hand in mine/ All I hath needed Thy hand will provide..."

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PSU Harrisburg

I am sitting in a computer lab waiting for my class to start. Why we are having English in a computer lab is beyond me but I checked online for my schedual again and yes this is where I am supposed to be.

It has been stressful. I get stressed going places by myself with no one I know around me. Somewhere on this campus is Nate Davidson but he has yet to materialize which would have made this day much more pleasant. Anyway, the math is gloriously highschool level with a very good humored teacher. He seems to enjoy being alive which makes math in a large group of people more bearable. I have a highly entertaining and passionate lit prof. A former theatre major, she has a lot of bounce to her but there is a hard coreness to how she approaches literature which I appreciate. Her class has promised to be the most enjoyable and possibly the most instructive as the textbook for this english course looks to be rather worthless for my life.

I spent an hour doing math in the trunk of my car. I liked it.

Almost done with John Adams. It has been a most informative book with revelations on the founding fathers on every page.

I do hope my class is in this room... it should be. Or the computer lied. Computers have been known to lie before.

Ah me... such is life.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A September Day

We watched Sense and Sensibility again last night. It has been awhile since I sat down and watched it the whole way through. There was a lot that I had forgotten or missed. All the characters have a lot of depth which I had forgotten. Lots of little things that I missed in the past. So I would recommend the movie. Oh, and Edward has far more goodness to him than I originially realized. He was well played.

Right now our family is in NY visiting my grandmother for the weekend. It is rather chilly and very wet. We saw two coyotees this morning attack four deer that were out in the field. Mama Ray went out side and yelled like crazy to scare the coyotees off which made us laugh. I've spent the morning trying to read some but am constantly distracted by the first college gameday playing on tv. My aunt should be coming over later to spend the afternoon with us and hang out. We called my cousin Arianna last night and talked to her for a while. This is her first week up at Grove City and it seems to be going well as much as first weeks anywhere go.

I myself will be starting school next week. Finally. I'm just hoping that it goes well. Drama is starting up. Mom seems to have picked out her play for this year which is incrediblly different from anything else we've ever done. Ever. I'm excited about it though. It will either be amazingly good or amazingly bad. There will be no middle ground. Pink panther we could cover what wasn't good with comedy. Here it will be just us up there with only ourselves to cover our mistakes. It will be a challenge but an exciting one. The group of actors we have this year is very different from the past. No Tim or Jarad, Cait, Chris, Jonathon. A fresh group coming through and the promise of a very different play.

A very different year. I'm praying for a good one though.