Sunday, May 21, 2006

Greyish Blue

It has been a while. In the last post I was in a state of utter panic but the world ended up on its feet. And the story has an ending which I'm not going to bother hunting up and out into the open.

There have been many things happening in the past few months, not the least of which was my acceptance as an intern to WVA for a week! A week, no big deal, right? It couldn't be bigger! I'm so excited that I have a chance to go back to my favorite of favorite places and help out in any way I can. I've felt bits of apprehension creeping into this excitement but I know that I'll be good once I get there. July 2-7th! I can't wait!

Has anyone noticed how strange the weather is? We have heaven and purgatory all mixed together. No hellish thunder or anything. Just an alteration of emerald blue and resigned grey.

I should do history... I have no encitement though. None at all. When I'm done I start work. (sigh). Hopefully I'll be working more for Dad than at the church. (hint, dad, hint)

Georgia in a few days. And a trip to Covenant! I'm very excited.