Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Spring is here.


It starts for real on April 4th when frisbee starts. I miss frisbee. And school is over in a month with only 1 portfolio, 1 unit assessment, 2 chem tests, and 1 project left to do. Not bad.

That phone won't stop ringing...

And its been a different person everytime. First Mom, then the orthodontist, then Pastor Kirk, then Cindy. Busy morning for the phone company.

In other news, I will be going on the Lebanon missions trip! As in Lebanon, PA not the country. Cindy told me this morning. I'm excited about this trip. It really seems like I am supposed to be there this summer. Cynthia told me that she and Mark have been praying that I would apply for it so that was definitly an confirmation of my decisions to go there. Hannah is going as well so we will be unstopable!

Yesterday was a christian lit presentation that I think went quite well as Mrs. Bell spent fifteen minutes discussing Smell the Color Nine after we finished. It was a rather comical presentation on Chris Rice. I was quite apprehensive about it (Tim accused me of a nervous breakdown) but it all came out right in the end.

Anything anyone would like to add, please do.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mad Days

Today the Forges were at church.

I cried.

No joke.

I've dreamed so many times that they would somewhere, somehow walk in to were I was and I would scream and run up to them. I was so happy. Jaques... he talked to me again about what he said when we left. I was surprised he remembered. There is such a love of Christ in him. I really admire his walk with God and his influence on the people around him. Lydia is an angel. I love her dearly and miss her so much.

I then ran around trying to say hello and goodbye to everyone who arrived and/or were leaving for college.

It didn't work.

So this afternoon I went to the Harris's and saw Kim before she leaves, and Chrissy who just got back, and Jane who is leaving for just another six weeks. It was a wonderful evening. We played Apples to Apples and I lost horribly. Ben kept winning off of Sarah and Sarah kept winning off of Ben. Then we just sat quietly and I almost fell asleep. People chatted. Elia and I threw pillows at Brian. It was quiet and peaceful. I was glad to see Kim before she left for six months... I will miss her... I miss those girls anyway. I never see them. It is hard when people grow up and I loose them.

I need a nap.

Monday, March 06, 2006


It has changed. Jr High activities are WEN: Week/Weekend of Eternal Nightmarishness.

I had a grand time but everything was so strange and dream like that at times it was if I was living in a nightmare.

Take yesterday for instance:

We get all the kids on the bus and are fifteen minutes into our four hour trip when I (who was near the front of the bus) hears as strange metalic sounding snap. The we slowed down. Mr. Hunking calmly pointed out the obvious: "We have a problem." He said it in that way of "Houston, we have a problem." Soon the bus would go no furthur and we discovered that the throttle had snapped.

And so it began.

It ended 11.25 hours later when we pulled into the church parking lot. No joke. We got these men to work on it but that didn't work so we went backwards down a hill into a parking lot so we would be safe. That was after the 2.5 hrs on the side of the road with flares and those funny little triangles put all out in front and behind of us. We were about four hours shuttling kids to a bathroom (the only one for miles actually) and wondering if we would ever eat lunch. We didn't. I kept having thoughts like "Will I be back in time for a mission trip..." and "Triscuits are like heaven" and strange ideas... it was quite like a nightmare. An amusing one though. We were on that bus for a total of six hours before we rescued ourselves back to the camp. The five workers who were left must have been angels because they made us a spagetti dinner with fresh bread and salad. They even gave us cake... and let us watch a movie. I was never more grateful to someone in my life.

The other white bus came from Hershey and got us. I rode home in the new church van and slept almost. Almost because Aleiyah would randomly ask if I was awake and could I wake up and would I tell her the meaning of a long word.

So that was how it went. The rest of the weekend was good. Some stories. Lots of laughter. Cynthia likes to get into trouble but she always had Cindy's permission. No major snow battles but I went down the zip line which was fun. Those girls in my room were so much fun to be with. And the eighth grade girls are now my friends. Went matress surfing with our next door neighbors from Philly. We tried a four man bobsled and I fell off the front. The boys threw an Ax/Ac/Idon'tknowhowtospellit bomb into our room but L'Amor saved us all and Cindy yelled at them and the eigth grade girls and I are going to get them back. I'm arranging it with Pastor Craig (evil grin).

Tired and exhausted.

I lost my keys but I didn't. They were in my bag the whole time. Cameron said I pack like a girl. It is true so I'm trying not to be ashamed of the fact.

I got home two minutes before my license became invalidated for the night. First close call.