Saturday, December 31, 2005

The End is Near

"It's New Years Eve... my heart is on my sleeve... and yes I still believe... this new years will be better than before..."

I have a few minutes amidst my cousins and family to write a few words before this year finally leaves me. I haven't said anything since October or so and much has happened since then but as it is now passed and is documented in other places I will not repeat it for the readers I don't have.

A brief reflection on the past year: Last year I made it a goal to do a number of things. Somehow I actually began a good work toward most of them. I kept a regular if not frequent quiet time. I started running regularly. And I have made this year an adventure every day; a year that I will never forget. I'm afraid my completion of that goal has been displayed in more ways than I can relate here but know this: I had a grand time.

Yes. This past year was what I wanted it to be.

And for the year approaching rapidly with ever millisecond? What will it be like? how will I change? What will occur? I know I have grown this past year. How will I grow in the next?

I would like to make a prediction. I made one last year and the year before and both ended up correct. This year I predict this: I will not be home very often this year. I don't know this, just a guess. I'm looking forward to life though.

Merriest of all the New Year tidings I bestow upon you my friends. God Bless.