Sunday, October 30, 2005

As You WIsh

Apparently no one excepting myself found the last post to be that exciting.

Ya'll have no taste in the thrills of life.

Last night Dad and Isaac slept outside in the truck. They made it the entire way unlike me and Hannah. That was my fault though because I thought it was going to rain.

Our front tree turned brilliant red. I've fallen in love with the color red recently. It is my most frequent nomination for the color of our room. Just like the Mac's living room with frosted curtains and tea cups on the shelves of our ever expanding library. And my Britain poster can go on the door and one wall can be solely picture frames filled with pictures of friends and events.

My life is so terribly undramatic. I like it that way. More of the mint tea way of things than chai I would say.

Friday was Miriam's birthday. She turned 18. And I missed it. Happy birthday, Mim! May you ever grow better at drawing fairies and finding costuming on sale!

"Treading water to keep from sinking"

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Good Times

Two years ago, these questionable characters showed up in our yard.

And destroyed it.

Do ya'll remember? I made that ridiculous video. John cut his finger on the toilet (he still has a scar from it). Andy drove the main get away car while John went back to our house to finish the job. Brian tore his pants. Carter was still here. Chrissy hadn't gone to college yet. Sarah was not married yet.

A mass operation that took around 15 people. And they nearly failed.


[Carter shows up at the door]

"Uh... we were working on lines and Jarad lost his play book."

[Jarad comes to the door. Confused.]

"Okay, I'll call Mom." [dials phone number but Carter leaps out panicked and says not to do that.]

[Tim flies around the back side of the house and goes screaming down the driveway]
"Andy don't do it their here!"

[I call Mom, grab the camera and start getting the whole thing on tape. The yard is covered with people and the job nearly done. They see me with the camera and rush into the two get away vehicles and drive away. I was thinking they would at least kidnap me but they didn't. We had to chase them instead]

{15 later: on back roads flying at 35mph {good job Andy} Gets car sprayed with water and drinking straws thrown at our heads. We turn home and find other car taking off after finishing the job. We give chase.

5min later: we return home and inspect the damage. "Wish you were here" on the toilet and "You have been hedgehoged."

1hr later: The caravan of delinquents shows up and wants to see the video. So Andy goes and messes up our vcr so we can watch it. Hannah returns home from soccer and we all go clean up the yard. They let us keep the toilet.]

Good times. I wish we could make them happen again.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This post is in honor of J. Tingle, the first of us cousins and grandkids, the proud namer of G-Mom, my first instructor in the waltz (see pic), and now the husband of a beautiful wife, Kendra.

Saying that I am now going to proceed to talk about our week in Georgia.

I really would prefer to not think about Wednesday and its night. Or Thursday morning. They were dreadful. I was in a lot of pain with my tooth (which Mrs. Nicholson told the world about) and rather embarrassed about my face swelling into the shape of a Muppet. It would have been comical has I not been so miserable. Isaac climbed up next to me and kissed my cheek because he felt bad. The most interesting thing about all of this was my trip to the dentist Thursday morning. They put me on this gas so I would not feel a lot of pain. It worked. I didn't feel much of anything nor could I think straight. It was kind of fun actually. All my limbs got really heavy, the pain stopped, and my brain started to slow down. The dentist would start talking and it would take me a while to clue into what he was saying. Being up for most of the previous night didn't help at all. It made me feel like I was floating sort of... like I was about to go off to sleep and I bet I would have had strange bizarre dreams.

Thursday evening I was on my way back to normal. Hannah, Emma, Katie, and I hung out together upstairs in the Tingle house while the guys were hanging out downstairs. We watched a movie that was so ridiculously pointless and stupid that we couldn't help but laugh the entire way through. "It's called a lance. Helloooo!"

Friday was when the festivities began. First came the tea in the afternoon at which I didn't spill anything on myself. I made brownies afterwards and got to talk to Matt for a good bit which was an undeserved treat. We talked a lot about the Space Trilogy and Perelandra and Till We Have Faces and other books. I meant to ask him about Blue Like Jazz but forgot until later. Then the dinner rehearsal. Lots of family was there so it was like a big party. People got up and said wonderful things about J and Kendra and how the families really connected. Everyone was going through their memories of the two so it was a lot of fun. The terrible thing was staying late restricted in heels that promised to be the death of me. I persevered and helped clean the kitchen until the last person was gone. (On a side note... that church has changed so much. I'm so proud of them all even though I had nothing to do with it but leave 7 years ago) We went to the gym for a few moments then took the girls and Nathan Kirkpatrick back to the house. (Isn't that a lovely last name? Why can't we all have wonderful names like Kirkpatrick?)

Saturday was the wedding. I was woken up early so my hair could be done in a painfully slow process. Our family arrived at the church by 11am for pictures until the wedding at 2. Amazingly they did take all the available time. Isaac was kept amused by the wonderful groomsmen (ie Matt, Caleb, and Nathan) who paid more attention than could possibly have been due this frightfully energetic six year old.

Then came the wedding. It was lovely. Emma and Katie were gorgeous. Jen was angelic. Isaac was so cute. We had a nearly front row seat to see the entire thing. I was grinning because it was so wonderful. The bit about their names really struck me... how it was more important what we bring to a name rather than what it actually is. What he said about the Tingle name was true. It does mean wisdom, manhood, honesty, integrity...

Afterwards I got to see Mr. and Mrs. Ratti. It was like being a kid again to talk with them and think about AWANA and everything that went with it. They are still the energetic and fun loving people I remember from my childhood. Then I saw Uncle Jack who did remember the interview I had with him when I was 11 or so. So long ago... and Cousin Jackie who was always trying to get me to confess who i liked at the time. That made me laugh.

The reception was one really long party. Of course what I liked best was dancing even if it was only with Emma, Hannah, Gretchen, Katie, and Jen. And it was fun to watch the other people dance. My feet were bruised from my shoes at the end of it. Walking hurt but we stayed late to help tear everything down after Mr. and Mrs. J Tingle left.

The best time of the week though was later that evening when we spent some time with the Tingles. Everything had been so hectic during the week that we hadn't had a chance to catch up on anything. Dad started talking about when J was little, and then we talked about how our families had connected in all those years gone by.... I actually don't remember what else was spoken of except that we meant to leave at 8:30 and didn't until 10. Matt started a romp in the other room which I got pulled into when Uncle Steve threw the football to me. I wasn't going to give it up except that Matt brutaly began to tickle me so that I couldn't breath for laughing. If a person can't breath then they can't hold on to the football. It's a fact of life, so I lost that one.

Shortly after we left. sigh... I'm miss them. I wish they could live closer or we could live closer or have them visit us as much as we visit them then we would have six weeks out of the year together instead of two or three... so can I come visit you Matt when you go to Oxford? Please? And to the family, will ya'll come visit? Please? So maybe that isn't practical. But who ever said that good plans were practical?